Overnight orthokeratology lenses - OMEGA CL
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OMEGA CL are reverse geometry gas permeable (RGP) lenses specially designed for overnight orthokeratology (corneal reshaping) treatment used to correct myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism following a specific plan.

These lenses are worn only at night, during sleep, and taken out in the morning. This reshapes the external surface of the cornea in a controlled and reversible manner.
OMEGA CL are made of RGP material with high-oxygen permeability and an innovative design: continuous variable curvature to accommodate various corneal asphericities and to shape the epithelium with precision.

OMEGA CL lenses are available with different designs to suit any clinical case:

OMEGA SPHERIC for myopia and hypermetropia correction on low or non-toric corneas

OMEGA DOUBLE TORIC for myopia correction on corneas with high toricity

OMEGA TORIC for correcting myopia and hypermetropia of corneas with moderate toricity

OMEGA TORIC MIX for use in extreme cases of mixed astigmatism

OMEGA ASYMMETRIC for the management of asymmetric corneas or horizontal decentration

Trial sets

We offer several trial sets (Availability of several trial sets)

BASIC SET composed of 10 lenses to easily choose the best lens

SET PRECISION composed by 24 lenses to evaluate in a highly accurate way the lens/cornea alignment

SET BASE TORIC composed of 10 lenses to adapt the lenses in case of corneal toricity

SET PRECISION TORIC composed of 24 lenses for a perfect fitting in case of corneal toricity

A unique MIXED SET consisting of 24 both spherical and toric lenses for numerous fitting solutions with a reduced number of lenses

Omega CL lenses are built and designed by:

Giuseppe Toffoli FIAO

Fellow of International Academy of Orthokeratology
Inventor of design software rgpdesigner.com

Mirko Chinellato FIAO FIACLE

Professor of contactology at Università di Padova | IBZ Bologna
Fellow dell’International Academy of Orthokeratology
Fellow dell’International Academy of Contact Lens Educator

Manufacture, control and distribution of OMEGA CL lenses

After extensive clinical trials, the HERZ SUBMICRON LATHING laboratory in Catania has been chosen to manufacture, control and distribute the final product.

The excellent production capabilities of this laboratory allows maximum consistency, as well as fast and on-time delivery times.

OMEGA CL lens design incorporates geometric features aimed to increase lens comfort and reduce complications commonly associated with conventional designs.

A simple, intuitive and reliable fitting system also means the practitioner can minimise the fitting time required in order to spend more time on patient care.

The recommended general guideline for fitting management is issued by the Italian section of the European Academy of Orthokeratology available at www.eurok.eu.
Safe handling of OMEGA CL lenses is recommended in accordance with the suggested and agreed best practice rules.

OMEGA CL lenses must be replaced after 12 months from first wear.

For information
If you are interested in becoming an applicator you can request information here.

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